Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giggles Ain't Laughin' No More - #10 of 80

Artwork "The Clownfish's Shame" by Carly Creley
Giggles entered the makeup trailer to a slow clap from Honks, a frown from Trixie, and barrage of balls from Sam.
“What the hell happened?” said Honks.
“We’ve practiced that juggling trick a thousand times!”
“I was distracted,” said Giggles.
“Distracted?” said Trixie, “You weren’t even there.”
Giggles fell into his chair.
“It’s only one show,” he said.
“No, it was the show,” said Honks
“Smith was pissed. That may have ruined it, but I heard they were still pleased overall.”
Giggles began to clean his face.

“I don’t think Smith will care anymore,” said Giggles as another ball hit him in the head.

Good to get this chapter up and thank you to Carly Creley for her work on the picture for this chapter. If you know anyone who would like to work with me to create a picture for a chapter please contact me for details. Thanks for reading!

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